4 Road Trip Games that Make the Miles Zoom By

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Who doesn’t love a good road trip? And with summer here, there really isn’t a better time to pack up your car and head out on the road. If you’re going for a lengthy road trip, you’re going to want to have some games ready to break up some of the monotony and have something to do.

Here are 4 fun games that you can play on your next road trip:

1. Unfortunately, Fortunately

This game is great because not only is it fun, but it makes everyone think positively too. It’s as simple as it sounds: someone makes an unfortunate statement—it could be something like, “Unfortunately, there’s been a zombie outbreak and we’re all in danger”—and another person responds with a fortunate statement—“Fortunately, I watch The Walking Dead, so we’ll be fine.” The point is to get as creative as you can. The weirder the better!

2. Road Trip Memory

If you’ve ever played the picnic game, then this one might sound familiar. But of course, everything’s more fun when you change the wording to fit into your road trip state of mind! One person starts by saying, “I’m going on a road trip and I’m bringing…,” then finishes with something that starts with the letter A—like antelopes. The next person repeats everything that the first person said, but adds something that begins with the letter B—so it would be something like “I’m going on a road trip and I’m bringing antelopes and Brantley Gilbert tunes.” This continues with each person repeating the previous items, and then adding their own that goes with the next letter in the alphabet. It’s super easy to understand once you get into it. If someone forgets a previous item, or gets it wrong, they’re out. The last player remaining is the winner.

3. Story Time

This game’s another one where you actually have to use your brain. There, you’ve been warned. But don’t worry, it’s fun too! All you have to do is put together a group story. One person starts by making up a sentence, which will be the first line of the story, and everyone else adds their own sentences. You can go around the group as many times as you want and see where the story goes. Don’t be afraid to get silly with your sentences—it adds to the craziness of the overall story. You can challenge yourselves even more by making a rule that all of the sentences have to rhyme. Pretty much anything goes!

4. Vehicle Search

This game is played exactly as it sounds. Have someone name a type of car—make, model, or color, etc. Then it’s up to all of the passengers to keep an eye out for that kind of car. The first person who spots it gets a point. Then take turns going around the car, so that everyone has a chance to choose a type of car. You can play for as long as you want, just be sure to set a winning point value before starting—I like 10—so everyone’s on the same page. If you want something a little more challenging, just get more specific with your type of car—like “black Toyota Camry with a Missouri license plate.”

Image Source: BigStock