5 Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

5 Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

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Have you ever bought a pair of
shoes and a week later thought to yourself, “How did I ever live without these shoes?”

Well, get ready for that same fabulous feeling in the
kitchen. These five items make cooking easier, and better yet, they won’t break the bank or take up much drawer space.

5 Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed:

1. Pampered Chef Mix & Chop

This gadget is phenomenal! Yes, I just used that word to describe a kitchen tool. The Mix & Chop breaks apart ground
beef, ground turkey, and sausage, into perfectly lovely fine crumbles. It is so much easier to use than a wooden spoon. You can even use it for scrambled eggs, and it won’t scratch your pan.

If you ever eat
avocado, this utensil is a must have. You will be amazed at how quickly you can split, pit, and slice. This avocado tool produces beautiful slices for salads or sandwiches. And it speeds up the process for my avocado favorite: guacamole!

3. Rasp Grater

When your recipe calls for lemon or lime zest, this is your tool. The grater is also perfect for grating hard cheese over a steaming bowl of pasta. This little gem can grate garlic and ginger too, and it’s
dishwasher safe.

Once I actually squeezed dozens of tiny key limes by hand to make a pie. It was painful, literally. This citrus squeezer extracts the maximum amount of juice every time. It is certainly handy for baking and cooking, but don’t forget it also works for
cocktails that call for a little citrus juice. Can you say margarita?

5. Pampered Chef Egg Separator

Struggling to keep the yolk out of your
egg white omelet? This tool easily separates the white from the yolk, and even rests on the rim of the bowl. Bonus – after you toss the yolk, you can use the same tool to whisk or mix.

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