5 Most Celebrated/Annoying College Football Chants

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Football season is here, which means one thing– it’s time to turn up the TV when your favorite team is playing or time to mute the TV when your least favorite team is playing. College football is full of weird traditions and dual mascots, but no tradition is more celebrated than a good, old-fashioned chant.

5 Most Celebrated/Annoying College Football Chants:

Florida State’s Tomahawk Chop

Though fairly offensive, it’s highly catchy and annoying. If you’re on the FSU side of things, you get chills every time 82,300 start chanting this at the same time. If you’re on the other side of the ball– take two Aspirin and call us in the morning.

The Hog Call (Arkansas)

If you call them, they will come– in droves. If you call them and your ears start to bleed, it is over after the third round and the highly-deafening “Razorbacks!” The spirit fingers are a bit excessive at times, but it’s hard not to love.

Hotty Toddy (Ole Miss)

The famous chant starts with one simple question, “are you ready?” Ole Miss fans always are. Everyone else– pour another hotty toddy until after the game is over.

We Are Penn State

For those that are, there’s nothing more unifying. For those that aren’t, well, you’ll be wondering if something happened to make them forget their team of choice because you’ll never forget the sound of it.

O-H-I-O Chant (the Ohio State University)

Nothing is more unifying than everyone knowing how to spell a certain word. Especially for Ohio State football fans. Ohio seems easy enough to spell, but on a Saturday afternoon in Columbus, it’s only hard on those from a non-swing state.