5 Must-Have Hosting Pieces to Make Your Place Party-Ready

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Playing host for any occasion is a lot of fun, but anyone who has been hosting for any amount of time can attest that you need to be ready to host at all times. Maybe your friends decide last minute to rendezvous at your house to watch the game. Maybe your kids casually mention that they are going to have a few friends over tonight. Maybe you spend every weekend throwing baby and wedding showers. Whichever scenario you find yourself in, these five affordable party pieces will set you up for a hosting home run.

5 Must-Have Pieces to Make Your Place Party-Ready:

1. Oversized Bowls

An oversized bowl is a super affordable investment and can be used for literally any occasion. Planning a last minute party? Toss in some chips, popcorn, or both. Hosting a shower? Throw in a variety of fruit. Dinner party? This bowl is great for big salads. Whatever it’s holding– an oversized bowl always makes for a posh party presentation.

2. Drink Dispenser(s)

These are not necessary to have a party, but if you see one out you know it’s officially a party. Drink dispensers add height to your table and keep your guests from debating whether they should go to the sink or the fridge for water. Glass dispensers are great for dressing up your drink options, too! Add a few slices of lemon, lime, or orange to your water and you’ll have your guests hydrating in style. Dispensers are also great for holding drinks like mojitos or punch; you can set the spirits out to the side so that your guests can add in or abstain as they wish.

3. Round Platter

There’s nothing classier or more versatile than a round platter. Whether it’s silver or bronze, white or wood, a round platter is a shower essential. Since round platters provide a timeless, vintage look, literally any dish will look good on it. Silver and bronze platters can be pricier than the other pieces listed, but don’t be afraid to check a thrift store or flea market. You’d be surprised what you can find marked down to nothing. It may take a little polishing, but it will be well worth it to acquire a classic piece you can pass down to your grandkids.

4. Tiered Cake Stand

This piece is essential for adding height to a table. Tiered cake stands are perfect for baby showers, bridal showers, graduation parties– you name it! They are also great at making a little food appear to be a lot of food. So if you find yourself with only a dozen mini-muffins and they look swallowed on a round platter, fear not! Put them on the top tier of the cake stand and call it a day.

5. Elongated Plate

This piece is nothing fancy, but it is incredibly practical and will subtly add a little panache to your presentation. You’ll find that your elongated plated becomes your go-to piece for all of your serving needs! An oversized plate is perfect for vegetables at a dinner party, or an assortment of sweets at a shower. You will find this piece becoming a staple for  everyday use as well as party presentation.

Image Source: BigStock