5 Retro Summer Games That are Making a Comeback

5 Retro Summer Games That are Making a Comeback

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I don’t know about you, but I love a good comeback. Even when that comeback involves a retro-yard game.

I grew up in the 70’s so we didn’t have much in the way of entertainment. This was actually a good thing as we played games in the yard. You know, yard games. Unfortunately, years passed by and technology took over. Kids quit playing outside trading the glow of the sun for the glow of an electronic device. Yard games died a slow death.

I’m excited to announce it seems that the tide may be turning as lately I have witnessed more people outside playing games! I’m rooting for a comeback of 5 of my favorites:


Ladder Ball. Also called Bola ball. This game is perfect for families because anyone can throw the bolas. The most difficult task in this game is making sure siblings aren’t using the bolas as weapons.

Objective: Wrap the bolas around the rungs. Each rung has a point value assigned to it. First one to 21 points, wins.



Horseshoes. This is one of my very favorites. Something about tossing a heavy horseshoe into the air trying for a “ringer” is just invigorating! Also, everyone has their own rules. Play accordingly. And stay out of the tossing lanes. That should be pretty self explanatory. I hope.

Objective: To get 4 horseshoes as close to the stake as possible in order to score the most points.



Badminton. Raise your hand if you grew up trying to figure out what the heck a shuttlecock was! Me, me, me! Fun name and fun game so I didn’t question it too much. This game is perfect for a group.

Objective: Volley the shuttlecock back and forth, not allowing it to hit the ground. Your team scores if the other team lets it hit the ground. First one to 21, wins.

Croquet. This game originated in England in 1850 and took the world by storm! And me. I loved dragging the wooden mallets, wickets and croquet balls out. I’m competitive, so I usually tried to knock everyone else’s ball out of the way! Until no one would play with me anymore. So I changed my obnoxious ways in order to get my croquet fix. Again, mallets can double as weapons so keep arguments to a minimum.

Objective: Race your ball through a series of wickets in order to be the first one to “peg out.”

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Four square. We typically played this game at recess at school, and I spent the majority of my elementary years playing this game. You have no idea how many memories that red, rubber ball brings flooding back.

Objective: You know what’s funny? I actually have no idea. I can’t remember. I just remember hitting the ball into numbered squares and possibly rotating squares? Guess I need to brush up on my skills in preparation for the resurgence of this game!

These are my favorites, what are your favorite retro games?

Image Source: James Lee via Flickr