6 Tips for Grilling Better Steaks (According to Science)

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There is an unwritten and seldom broken rule when it comes to cooking: never question how a man cooks his steak. Everyone has a method, cooking technique, a special dry rub or marinade and preferred grilling beverage which, when added together, will produce the perfect steak. Steak is high art passed down from fathers to sons and refined in the crucible of trial and error. But what if your steak could be better?

Now, hang with me. I’m not saying that you should ditch you tried and true method, but we all have room for improvement. These tips can easily fit into your regiment and will improve the quality of your steak.

6 Tips for Grilling Better Steaks (According to Science):

1. Get to know your butcher.

Your butcher knows meat better than anyone. He can help you find the perfect cut and even show you some new cuts that may be better suited for your needs. Filet is not always the answer.

2. Let it sit.

Cold steaks don’t cook evenly. Allow your steak to come to room temperature before cooking it. Taking your steak out of the fridge twenty minutes before grilling should do the trick.

3. Start hot.

Give your grill plenty of time to preheat. Starting hot (really hot!) will create a beautiful crust on your steak and seal in juices. But be careful that you don’t burn the steak. For more control, move your steak to a cooler part of the grill after it has seared on both sides.

4. Never stab or press your steak.

The juice in your steak is more than water- it contains proteins, enzymes and chemical compounds that you will need if you want a perfect steak. Therefore, you don’t want to do anything that will make that juice run out of your steak, like stabbing it or cutting it open while its on the grill. I’d suggest a heavy-duty spatula and a set of tongs.

5. Less is more.

You can’t uncook a steak so always err on the side undercooking your meat. You can always put an underdone steak back on the grill.

6. Let the meat rest.

This is the most important tip! The fibers of your steak elongate as you cook them forcing the juices out. Resting meat, just letting it sit on a cutting board, for 5-10 minutes allows those fibers to relax and your steak to absorb some of the juice. Result: a significantly better steak

Whether you flip your steak once or every 30 seconds, you can always cook a better steak. Try these simple tips, work them into your recipe, and I can guarantee you will taste the improvement.