6 Tips for Getting the Perfect Family Photo

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The holidays are coming and that means sending your friends and family holiday cards with family photos! We’ve found that the easy part is addressing and stamping all those cards. (Which really isn’t easy at all!) While the difficult part can be getting the family to cooperate! These simple tips will make getting that perfect family photo a snap!

6 Tips For Getting the Perfect Family Photo:

 1. Have a Plan

We can’t stress this enough! Occasionally you can get lucky with that perfect shot on the fly, but for the most part, planning makes perfect. Or as perfect as one can get when it comes to family photos.

You are going to need to plan what everyone is wearing, what props you are using or how everyone is going to pose. Pinterest is a great place for finding photo ideas, just make sure you include the family in on the planning portion. This gives them a vested interest in the shot, perhaps making them a little more cooperative. (We can always hope, right?)

2. Keep it Simple

This is a family photo and you want to see the people, not the setting. Look for open fields, an old brick wall or even the side of a rustic barn to keep your photos distraction free.

3. Schedule When Kids Are the Happiest

This mostly applies to infants and toddlers because if you have teens and wait for them to be happy, it may be years! Just kidding – but if you can work around the kiddos routines, the better the photos you are going to get! We can almost promise that it will be a disaster if photos are scheduled during little Johnny’s nap time.

4. Get Closer Than You Think

Everyone wants to see your faces so you will need to get much closer than you think you should. It will seem awkward for everyone, but when you see the photos, you’ll be happy you did this.

5. Coordinate, Don’t Match

You don’t want your clothing to be a distraction and if everyone is in black or denim or white, that’s all people are going to see! Take the time to plan coordinated, not matching outfits.

6. Don’t over pose.

We’ve all seen the photos with family members awkwardly posed with one hand on the next family members shoulders. Not only is it super uncomfortable, it is completely unnatural. Have fun! After all, you are family.


Image Source: Big Stock