6 Tips For Surviving Black Friday

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Black Friday is not for the faint-of-heart. Nor is for the spur-of-the-moment type. No, Black Friday is those who are not only strong but for those who also have a plan. Trust us when we say that you cannot wake up Friday morning, still drunk on turkey and pumpkin pie, and decide you are going to tackle the sales. That’s what Cyber Monday is for.

That said, if you find fighting through the crowds to grab that pair of boots you’ve had your eye on, you are going to need these tips to survive the day.

6 Tips For Surviving Black Friday: 

1. Make a Plan

See, we told you this day is for people who plan. If spreadsheets are your thing, go for it. If you are a techy kind of girl, download apps to help guide you through this apocalyptic day. Whatever your poison, just make sure you do your research in advance and know what stores have what you are looking for.

2. Have Your Priorities in Order

We know that shiny new Apple watch is discounted a whopping $50, but you really need to buy gifts for your mom and dad. And your kids.

3. Don’t Even Think About Going Alone

It only makes sense that to divide and conquer will ensure you get those hot items you all want. Split up, make your purchases and square up later over lunch. (Or breakfast, if you are really hard-core.)

4. Don’t Wear Heels

Your goal is to get some deals, not impress the neighbors. Chances are, you’ll be shopping for several hours and there is nothing, repeat nothing worse than foot pain. PS. If your significant other suggests you wear heels, know they just want you home earlier.

5. Pack Snacks

You just thought the big-box store was a nightmare. The food court will be the nightmare of the nightmare. You’ll want to avoid it like the plague. Throw a few simple things in your purse to tide you over until you can home to those yummy leftovers.

6. Stay Home

Seriously. Stay home, enjoy your family and your day off. And of course, shop online!

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