7 Fall Date Ideas You’ll Both Enjoy

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Can I get an “amen” that fall is finally here?! I love everything about fall, from the changing leaves to the limited-edition pumpkin products, I’m a sucker for it all.

Fall also brings the opportunity for some out-of-the-box date nights that are both fun and romantic.

7 Romantic and Fun Fall Date Ideas You’ll Both Enjoy:

1. Do an at-home beer taste test

Grab some limited-edition seasonal beers and conduct your own taste test! You can each give them a ranking and come up with a points system to determine the best one!

2. Visit a pumpkin patch

Take a Saturday morning and stop by a coffee shop for a to-go cup of coffee, then hit your local pumpkin patch! You can stroll through the pumpkins and pick a few out to carve!

3. Go on a sunrise hike

Fall is the perfect time to take your favorite hiking trails! Pack some coffee in a thermos and enjoy some time together as you watch the sunrise!

4. Make caramel apples

Caramel apples are so easy to make! You can each pick out your own toppings and make a bunch to snack on while you snuggle up and watch a movie.

5. Hit a local festival

Check to see if your town or one nearby is having a fall festival or Oktoberfest event that you can attend!

6. Go apple picking

See if there are any local apple orchards you can go pick apples at! You can use the ones you pick to make those caramel apples!

7. Board game date

Go to your favorite local coffee shop or bar and bring a board game! You might feel silly at first, but you’ll have so much fun together that you won’t even notice.