7 Things Southern Girls Learn From Their Daddies

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If you know anything about the South, you know that it is full of fierce, independent women. Southern mamas are full of wisdom and are not shy about passing down each and every tip, recipe and tradition they know to their off-spring. But, Southern daddies teach their children a lot, too. Especially their daughters.

7 Things Southern Girls Learn From Their Daddies:

1. How to drive a stick shift.

Most Southern girls grow in the country or really near the country– their daddies teach them to drive a stick shift through a field well before they start driving anything else. Most girls learn to drive on a lawnmower or a tractor.

2. How to feed yourself. 

Southern daddies teach the trifecta of feeding yourself to their Southern daughters: grow it yourself, shoot it (or catch it) or raise it (and kill it). I know, I know– but, it’s true. For the longest time growing up, I had no idea people had to buy meat in the grocery store. I thought all meat came wrapped in cool white butcher paper twice a year in an ice chest. Because it did for us.

3. How to shoot a gun. 

Most Southern daddies hunt and even if they don’t hunt– they own a gun. In turn, their daughters learn how to shoot a gun.

4. The early bird gets the worm.

A lot of Southerners grew up with a rooster as an alarm clock. These guys may not have a rooster at their house now, but if the sun is up– their kids are up, too.

5. What “holding” means.

Southern daddies love Saturdays in the fall and most Southern girls do, too. And every Saturday, for most of their lives they’ll explain football rules to their daughters. Their proudest moment will come during an away game they are watching separately, but at the same time, in a text message that simply reads, “did you see that block in the back missed call?!” (At some point, they’ve probably also tried to teach them how to throw a spiral.)

6. If you want something– work hard. 

Didn’t everyone’s dad have to walk to school, uphill both ways? Nothing was just given to them, so they aren’t going to just give their daughters things (unless she asks real sweet and bats her eyelashes).

7. How women should be treated.

No one on Earth will love, cherish or respect a Southern girl more than her daddy. Ever.

Image Source: BigStock