7 Things Southern Mamas Do in The Summertime

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The calendar has hit the middle mark and then some. The kids are out of school and when we walk outside the heat hits us like an open oven. It’s summertime, and the living is hot and busy for Southern mamas doing all the things they do for their babies.

1. Wash Towels

All of those visits to the waterslides, pools, lakes, rivers, and seas bring a whole lot of wet towels with them. Just how many times can a mama get away with hanging towels over the porch railings to dry? It depends on whether you have an HOA that fusses about things like that or exactly how long the towels sat in the bottom of the pool bag so they can still pass the smell test.

2. Chase Kids With Sunscreen

When we were kids, sunscreen was optional, if it existed or worked at all. Now we are doing our best to avoid the pain of tender, blistered skin on our kiddos, so that means we are chasing them around with sunscreen while they wiggle and whine about how much they hate it. They’d hate being burnt more, but they don’t know that because mamas are not letting that happen.

3. Shop Online

What is it about the sun and long days outside that fertilizes these kids so they grow like crabgrass? Halfway through the summer all of their clothes and shoes are too small. Goodness knows these mamas aren’t dragging all of these rambunctious kids out shopping. Buying just a few items online or telling them they will have to make do with their flip flops instead of tennis shoes until the Back To School sales start is what we do to keep them looking like ragamuffins and also why the internet is the best.

4. Wonder Why They Call It “Vacation”

Getting out of town is a tradition and an escape. When you take the kids with you, somehow it seems like doing all of the same work, though, just in a different location.

5. Cart These Kids All Over Creation

After a while, the lazy days of watching television, playing video games, reading, crafting, and going to the pool start losing their shine. That’s why mamas start carrying the kids to camps, VBS, and Nana’s house so they can keep busy and mama can have a break. You know, to do things like grocery shop and use the bathroom without breaking up fights or heading up the Family Complaint Department.

6. Clean Out Everything

The walls of this house are closing in on us. Mama reads an article about a minimalist craze and decides everything in her house must go. Empty every single cabinet, closet, and drawer. Decide none of these things are necessary and toss everything. Ignore the pangs of regret of craft projects that will never be.

7. Feel Astounded That Summer Went By So Quickly

Suddenly teacher assignment letters are coming in the mail, everyone is two inches taller, and two-shades-lighter-hair is long overdue for cuts. Summer is ending, and it feels like it went by so fast.

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