7 Things Southern Mamas Love

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It is well-known that styles and trends vary from region to region in the United States. But did you know there are certain things that Southern mamas love that mamas in other areas of the country may not? It may sound like crazy talk, but it’s true.

1. Big Bows:  There’s nothing cuter than a little girl with a bob haircut accented with a bow bigger than her head. That giant bow usually matches her dress just right, and it’s usually a pastel color no matter what time of year it is, because we can.

2. Smocked outfits:  Getting the kids ready for church is even more fun when they are wearing matching smocked dresses. I draw the line on smocking for little boys after they are two years old, but that is just me.

3. Vacation Bible School Hopping: Need an inexpensive way to keep your kids busy in the summertime? Figure out when the area churches are having their weeks of VBS and sign the kiddos up to get their Jesus on at the Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, and maybe even the Catholic church if you’re feeling exotic.

4. Monograms. On Everything: This is why it is important to think about what your baby’s potential name might spell when you turn it into a monogram. Ansley Sarah Sullivan is going to embarrass you when put it on one of those giant bows I mentioned earlier.

5. Bread Bags Over Tennis Shoes: That’s what Southern kids wear in the snow instead of snow boots. If you’re really fancy you hold the bread bags up with rubber bands around your calves. You know that dang snow is just going to melt in an hour anyway.

6. Porch Sits: Where else is better than a screened-in porch with a ceiling fan to catch up on the neighborhood gossip? Throw in a cold drink or two and you’ve got a party.

7. Volunteering: Sending the kids off to Vacation Bible School may make you feel like you have some free time, but it takes small armies to run these things. You probably just have half of the free time you thought you did. Somebody’s got to make these streamers look exactly like octopus legs for the “Partying the Red Sea” celebration on the last day of VBS.

Image sources: BigStock, Instagram, Smocked Children’s Clothing