7 Ways to Redecorate with Things You Already Have

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We all get a little bored with our home decor but don’t have the deep pockets to run out, start from scratch and replace replace everything. The solution? Redecorate using things you already have! Besides rearranging your furniture, these small changes can have a big impact on your home and your budget!

1. Use your unexpected decor pieces in unexpected places. Who expects to see deer antlers on a coffee table? Not most people, but we love the way this looks!


2. Use a stool as a side table. Most people have a random stool hanging around the house but if you don’t, they are found easily at flea markets or yard sales. All you have to do is lay a piece of wood on top (or bonus if it already wooden!) and voila! You have have a side table! For those extra crafty ones out there, add a coat of paint to really change the look!

3. Mis-matched chairs around the table add interest. We love this look and the best part is, you can change this up often! A can of spray paint comes in handy with this look. You can also use pillow cases or sheets to cover seat cushions for a rustic chic look.

4. Be creative with open shelf displays. Open shelves are a great way to display things you already have. We love the creativity of these shelves. They are clearly in her kitchen, but she successfully mixed in items from other parts of her home and they look great!


5. Add a strip of something fun to a lampshade. This is a very simple way to add a little flair to an existing lamp. Have fun! Add rick-rack or lace for a girl’s room or if you are really craft, paint something on one. The simplicity of the addition of the gold stripe is what drew us in to this lampshade. Remember, it doesn’t have to be elaborate to change the look!


6. Bookshelves don’t have to hold books. Who said you have to put books on a bookshelf? Not us! This is another place you can change up frequently! Be creative. Display your grandmother’s china or change it out each holiday or even use it as a seasonal display. This is another fun way to display your family photos or even art work by the kiddos. And of course, you can always display a book or two!

7. Create a gallery out of left-over frames. If you are like us, you are a compulsive photo frame purchaser. And now that all of our favorite photos live in our smartphones, they always make it into those frames. But that’s okay! Now you have a collection of frames that you can create a gallery with. Photos are perfectly fine, but more being more creative will go a long way!


Photo Credit: Instagram/bowerhousemichelleshantzlifestyle_decor_designlalithammabarcelonathefirstgradeparadelil_laura19mollyrabalais