8 Halloween Costumes Based on Your Favorite Country Music Songs

8 Halloween Costumes Based on Your Favorite Country Music Songs

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If you’re tired of the same old boring Halloween costumes, why not dress up like your favorite country music song?

8 Halloween Costumes Based on Your Favorite Country Music Songs:

1. “Jolene” // Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton once said the song “Jolene” was based on a red-haired, green-eyed beauty. So, to dress like “Jolene,” you just need a red wig and some green eyes.

2. “Springsteen” // Eric Church 

As an homage to Eric Church’s biggest hit, you just gotta dress like the Boss. We suggest his iconic Born in the U.S.A album cover– plant white t-shirt, old jeans and a red ball cap.


3. “Cowboy Casanova” // Carrie Underwood

This one could be fun– just dress like an 18th century Italian man and throw a cowboy hat on top. Done.


4. “Girl In a Country Song” // Maddie & Tae

There’s a strong chance you already have all you need for this costume! Just get out your painted on jeans or cut-offs and bikini top and you’re all set!

5. “John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16” // Keith Urban

You and two of your friends can take on Keith Urban’s latest No. 1. Just throw on a jean jacket for John Cougar Mellencamp, an all green ensemble for John Deere and a long robe for John. Too easy.

6. “Fancy” // Reba McEntire

You can take this costume one or two ways. First, you could literally just dress fancy. Or can wash, comb and curl your hair and pair that with a satin dancin’ dress with a split on the side clean up to your hip. For optimal results make sure it has red velvet trim.

7. “Honey Bee” // Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton made this one easy, just Google, “adult costumes + bumble bee.”

8. “Tim McGraw” // Taylor Swift

Dressing like Tim McGraw has never been easier– find your tightest sleeveless shirt, tuck it into your tightest pair of boot-cut jeans and throw on a black cowboy hat.


Image Source: Wikipedia, PR Photos

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