8 Things Good Dads Always Do for Their Kids

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I fell in love with my husband all over again the day he became a father. Specifically, when they placed that little baby in his arms, and I saw the way he was protective but nurturing. He was humbled to be a father and so proud of his newborn son.

It was on that day and so many after that, that I’ve seen him rise to the occasion and be the kind of man and do the kinds of things it takes to be a good dad.

8 Things Good Dads Do for Their Kids:

1. Good dads are parents not baby sitters.

When my husband watches our kids, I don’t consider it babysitting. From the day we became parents, he’s done his fair share of diaper changing and baby rocking. He’s given bottles at 2 a.m. and stayed up with sick kids through the wee hours of the morning. We’ve tackled parenthood together, and I don’t know how I’d do it without him.

2. Good dads spend quality time with their kids.

Good dads play peek-a-boo and hide-and-go-seek for the thousandth time. They wrestle on the living room floor, play super heroes or dolls, build forts, and create treasure hunts in the backyard, and when their kids are older they go to there events, take them hiking and camping, and find things to do that captures the interest of their pre-teen or teenager. There are times when I don’t appreciate the wrestling matches right before bedtime, but I always appreciate my husband’s willingness to engage our kids on their level.

3. Good dads help their kids achieve independence.

As a mother, it’s in my nature to protect my kids from anything and everything that could hurt them, but as I’ve watched my husband teach our kids, I’ve seen how he deliberately stands back to give them a chance to do things on their own, allowing them to learn independence. Yes, they might fall, but he’s right there to pick them up when they do, brush them off, and help them try again.

4. Good dads do things differently, but in a good way.

My husband once got my kids dressed in the morning and took them to the grocery store. When they got home I was teasing my husband about the outfits he’d picked for them – shirts and pants that clearly didn’t go together, but then he told me that he’d picked out their warmest clothes because it was a cold day. He made a logical, thoughtful and practical choice, and our kids were better off for it.

5. Good dads encourage their kids.

A good dad will always be his child’s biggest fan. (Okay, so they tie with mom’s on this one). They encourage their kids to dream big dreams and push them to pursue those dreams.

6. Good dads teach values and virtues.

Our boys are still little, but my husband takes the time to teach them values and virtues. He talks to them about taking responsibility, giving respect to others, and being kind to all people. By teaching them truth, he’s laying a foundation for their lives that will help them become true gentlemen.

7. Good dads practice what they preach.

It’s one thing to teach virtue to your children, and another thing to model it. My husband isn’t perfect, but he serves as a good example to our children. They see the way he talks to me with respect and how he helps our neighbors and those in our community. They see him apologize when he’s in the wrong. His actions speak louder than words, and our boys see that and are learning from his example.

8. Good dads affirm their kids and make sure they know they’re loved.

Dads who affirm their kids – the ones who say “I love you,” and “I’m proud of you,” give their kids confidence in themselves and the security of knowing their loved and valued. These are empowering words that give kids confidence to take on the world, and, hopefully, one day when the tables are turned, he’ll hear his son or daughter say, “I love you too. You’re a good dad.”