8 Things You Didn’t Know About Beer

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If there is one thing for certain, people love their beer, and they have for years and years. As much as you think you know about beer, there is always more to learn about the beloved beverage, so we’ve got a list of eight things we are sure you don’t know.

1. The world’s strongest beer is Brewmeister’s Snake Venom. Most beer has around a 5 percent alcohol content, but this Scottish beer has a whopping 68 percent alcohol content. 

2. Egyptians who built the pyramids of ancient Egypt were often partially paid in beer. Workers at Giza earned about 4 liters of beer a day.

3. Beer contains a high level of silicon which is known to help strengthen bones. 

4. The ancient babylonians were the first to brew beer. They took their beer so seriously that if you brewed a bad batch of beer you were drowned. 

5. Storing beer upright minimizes oxidation in beer and contamination from the cap.  6. The most expensive beer is Vielle Bon Secours, sold at $1,000 per bottle, only sold at one London bar in the entire world.

7. There are 400 types of beer.

8. Beer was made with spit during the Ancient Incan time period. Eight to 10-year-old Incan girls would chew corn into a pulp and then spit it out into huge vats of water to sit for several weeks. The spit filled mixture would later be drained and made into beer known as chicha.


Image Source: Big stock, tinou bao via Compfight cc, Instagram.com/@brewyardbeerco