8 Things You Should Never Wear on a First Date


There is a lot of debate about what should and shouldn’t be worn on a first date. While we totally agree you should be comfortable, there are a few things that you should leave in your closet until date #2 or #10. These things aren’t necessarily about your personal style but do include things that could end up making your time miserable!

Here are 8 Things You Should Never Wear on a First Date

1. Full Face of Makeup

No, we aren’t telling you to go on your first date sans makeup, but we are saying you shouldn’t go full on glam! Let your natural beauty shine through. You want to date someone who likes you, not your fake eyelashes.

2. Something Brand New

We know you are dying to wear that brand new piece you just bought, but you haven’t ironed the kinks out yet. Maybe it rides up when you walk or maybe the boots give you blisters. You don’t want to find these things out on your first date. Nobody needs this kind of stress when trying to get to know someone new.

3. Birkenstocks/Flip Flops/Chacos 

You need to look like you put forth at least a little effort!

4. Anything Out of the Ordinary

If you typically wear t-shirts and jeans wear that. Otherwise, you just end up uncomfortable and what if you end up going on more dates? You won’t want to keep up the charade!

5. Band Tees of a Band You Don’t Listen To

It could result in some very awkward conversation if your date asks you about it.

6. Stilettos

Even if you wear them every day, if your date has a hike or even just walking around the city, you will be in trouble!

7. Revealing Clothing

You just met! You’ve got to leave a little to the imagination!

8. Statement Pieces

Leave the political/religious/controversial tees at home on the first date. This isn’t hiding who you are, it’s just being courteous. There will be a time to talk about these things, but not on the first date.

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