9 Reasons You Need to Build Your Own Bar

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Building your own bar can, and will, be a life changing event. If you’re already thinking about this home renovation, then you don’t need me to list off the reasons why. If you are straddling the fence, and need a little nudging, building a home bar is one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

This is a list of the best reasons why you need to build your own bar:

1. You are the bartender and the owner, too.

From the color of the bar, the look –and-feel of the barstools, to the bottles you serve — your word is the law.

2. You are a sot, a lush, or whatever formal semantics you want to call yourself.

It’s true, not all drinkers are created equal. You like to drink, so what? Home bar owners are more detailed-oriented drinkers and are constantly in search of something more tantalizing and sophisticated than the happy-hour concoction you get at your local Chili’s. Having a bar at home allows you to enhance the experience.

3. There is always plenty of room.

It’s been a long week and all you want is to belly-up-to-the-bar and have yourself a cold one. Unfortunately, so does everyone else getting who gets off work by 5pm. At your home bar, you’ll never have to wait for a drink — pour-and-drink when ready.

4. You’ll always be a better host than the place down the street.

If you build it they will come. Then your place will be where everybody knows your name.

5. If you’ve got the space, give it the style it deserves.

Not all home improvement projects are created equal. No matter what you choose — the look, the style, the feel, or the genre feel free to express yourself and make it you own.

6. Make ‘going out for a drink’ feel like ‘going out for a drink.’

Sometimes we all need a little quality time with the television so we can be a couch potato for the night. But sometimes we need to be a little classy. Have the best of both worlds and create a drinking environment that rivals a world-class pub with your very own lounge seating and big-screen TV’s.

7. There’s no waiting in line to go the bathroom.

When you’ve got to go we all know you’ve got to go. But when the line is eight deep and the guy in the stall is talking to the porcelain gods (or dancing with Columbian dancing dust), it’s definitely not the time to break the seal. At your own bar, it’s a situation you’ll never run into.

8. Driving is for losers.

Everybody knows to not drink and drive. Enough said.

9. Why not?

Tell me one person you know that built themselves their own bar only to tell themselves it was a bad idea. Right, no one has. Do you like to drink? Yes! Do you like to hang out with friends? Yes! Haven’t you always wanted to be a bartender? Yes!. We all have! So get building!

Image Source: BigStock