9 Sure-Fire Ways to Cook Your Meat Better

9 Sure-Fire Ways to Cook Your Meat Better

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So, you’re a grill master? Sure, but there are always new and creative ways to cook up your meat to perfection.

9 Sure-Fire Ways to Cook Your Meat Better: 

1. Baste Meat with Soda

Reduce soda to make a delicious baste for your grilled meat. Simmer soda until the water has evaporated and the flavor is all that is left, and then brush it over the meat right at the end of the cook time for the meat. If you baste the meat too early, the sugar will burn and form a crusty layer.

2. Grill Underground

Dig a pit, put low burning embers in the pit and place an oven rack over the top of the pit. Wrap your meats in aluminum foil and set those on top of the rack. Cover that with a piece of sheet metal or another rack wrapped in foil. Cover the pit with dirt and the meat will be done in a few hours.

3. Make Sure Your Meat is Room Temperature Before Grilling

If you want your meat well done, let it sit on the counter until it reaches room temperature. This trick ensures your meat cooks all the way through without the outside burning. For those more into medium-rare steaks, your raw meat can be a little colder before you throw it on the grill. This gives you a nice sear on the outside while keeping the center pink.

4. Use Your Charcoal Grill as a Smoker

If you would prefer to cook the meat using an indirect method instead of hot and fast, you can transform your grill into a mini smoker. Move all of the coals to one side and set the grill lid holes right over the meat. The vents will pull the smoke out. This method will clear out the fat on the meat, but leave it moist and full of flavor.

5. Barbecue in a Trashcan for Longer Cooking Times

If you want to cook your meat for longer periods of time, your best bet is a method that can keep the meat far enough away from the flame. This is tough to do on a backyard grill, but a metal or tin trashcan (preferably unused) will do the job. Stick the hot coals in the bottom of the trashcan and lay the grill gates over the top.

6. Use Welding Gloves Instead of Tongs

Use welding gloves so you can stop chasing burning coals around the grill with goofy-looking tongs. You can move the hot stuff around with your hands with a pair of these heavy duty glove. They’re also protective enough for moving burning logs and wood chips.

7. Channel Your Inner Caveman

Forget the grill, use hot rocks. Put a flat rock directly on a campfire and heat it up for 30 minutes or so. Take the rock out of the fire, grease it up and throw some meat on it. The heat from the rock will cook it through. Basalt rock is known to cook meat best when heated.

8. Dried Herbs on the Coals Will Give Meat a Subtle Flavor

Thyme or rosemary are great to burn on top of coals. You can also use grape vines for a less traditional option that will also give the meat a great, subtle flavor all the way through.

9. Do Not Oversmoke the Meat

Be careful not to smother your meat with a lot of smoke for the entire cooking time. The meat could turn out very bitter, worse than overcooked meat. Worry less about the amount of time the meat takes to cook and more about the smoke buildup.

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