5 Reasons to Avoid All-Inclusive Vacations

5 Reasons to Avoid All-Inclusive Vacations

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Booking a vacation can be so stressful that you need a vacation after doing it. Where should you stay? Are you getting the best deal on your flight? Is the area safe? A ton of questions like these haunt every traveler as they attempt to see the world. A lot of people sing the praises of all-inclusive vacations citing that the experience is a lot less stressful. However, here are a few things to consider before booking that all encompassing trip.

1. Buffets, Buffets, Buffets

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good buffet. However, I recommend checking out the dining options that are included with your all-inclusive stay. Some resorts only offer buffets. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a good buffet. But when everything is paid up front, what’s the incentive for these to be good? In my travels, I have found all inclusive buffets to lack quality. Not to mention, you have to get to them early as they seem to be picked over after a while (and rarely restocked).

2. They ‘Nickel and Dime’ You

It’s great to pay for everything up front … if that’s what you’re really doing. I visited the Grand Bahia Principe Tulum in Mexico recently and felt like they were trying to get me to spend outside of my package. For instance, just swimming around the pool, photographers would stop me and ask me to pose for a picture that I would later have to buy. I had several different people approach me as I caught a few rays and asked me to buy everything from spa packages to hair braids to tattoos. They were trying to get me to spend more than I had planned, which completely ruins the point of an all-inclusive package.

3. Weak Drinks

One of the main reasons people choose all-inclusive packages is so they can drink as many adult beverages as you like, without worrying about the tab. However, you have to check what liquor is included in the package. If you’re drinking cheap or weak drinks, you’re left consuming a huge amount of calories and never getting a buzz.

4. You’ll Never Leave the Resort

Some people may consider this to be a plus. For me, though, I think that if I’m going to visit another country that I’d like to actually see that country. I want to explore local markets and beaches and see the country from more than just the comfort of my room.

5. It’s Cheaper to Pay as You Go

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