7 Apologies You Should Probably Make to Your Siblings If You’re The Youngest Child

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It wasn’t always easy being the youngest of five kids. On more than a few occasions I was told to, “toughen up,” “don’t cry,” and “don’t tell mom.” I got bossed around here and there and tricked into making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches a few times, but for the most part, my siblings were pretty good to me, and perhaps that’s why I feel the need to make a few apologies to them.

7 Apologies You Should Probably Make to Your Siblings If You’re The Youngest Child:

1. Sorry for fake crying to get you in trouble.
It was a means of survival, and I only used this tactic in the direst of circumstances – like when y’all wouldn’t let me play basketball with you and your friends. Though this usually backfired, and I’d end up getting hurt and crying for real.

2. Sorry for being mom’s spy.
To my oldest brother, it was no coincidence that I came upstairs when you brought your girlfriend to the house. I was my mom’s spy and I had orders – check on things and report back to her. The good news for you was that I never gave her a bad report.

3. Sorry for not sharing a bed very well.
To my sister, I’m sorry for putting my cold feet on you when we shared that full-sized bed. My kids do that to me now, and it really is obnoxious.

4. Sorry for whining.
Supposedly I was a whiney kid, (at least that’s what my siblings told me), but quite possibly this was because I was dragged to about 12 different sporting events every single week where I got to play in the dirt under the bleachers and listen to overly enthused parents yell at referees when most kids my age would have been in bed. (The snow cones made it all worth it though).

5. Sorry for stealing your stuff when you went to college.
What’s mine is yours, and what’s yours is mine, right? I mean, I figured you didn’t like your stuff that much if you didn’t even bother taking it with you to college.

6. Sorry for “getting away with murder”.
Listen, I can’t help it that Mom and Dad parented me a little more loosely. I can explain…

The fewer chores? – that’s because there wasn’t as much work to do once y’all left home. You guys were really messy, I guess.

The later curfew? – Mom and Dad were clearly too tired to care at this point.

Getting to miss school every once in a while? – It seems like Mom and Dad came to understand the importance of mental health days.

The chocolate pies that Mom made me just because? – Okay, that one I can’t explain.

7. Sorry for being Mom and Dad’s favorite.
It’s not anyone’s fault. The baby of the family is always the favorite. Yeah, and that probably explains the chocolate pies.