Let’s Revisit This Microwave Bacon Recipe

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The recent hullabaloo over Bon Appetit’s Hand Salad recipe got me thinking about other ridiculous recipes. I love that the Internet gives everyone a voice, even when those voices are skewed. I also love ridiculous things on the Internet.

In one area of FoodNetwork.com, this recipe is listed as “Late Night Bacon.”

Late night bacon sounds exciting. Late night bacon sounds dangerous. Late night bacon is the bad boy you aren’t supposed to be dating.

This recipe is regular ol’ bacon in the microwave. The kind you don’t need a recipe for. The kind your parents would never warn you to stay away from. You can have this bacon any time of day.


Yes, you read that correctly. It’s a recipe for placing bacon on a plate and microwaving it.

Obviously, the comments are really the place you want to be.

I love the Internet.

Then, when I tried to drop the plate, and it wouldn’t let go of me, I started madly waving my arms around trying to get it off. In the middle of flailing, the plate flew off, and crashed through the large picture window in my kitchen. Between the time the window broke, and when I started flailing, the bacon also flew off and got stuck on the wall. The dog, being a dog, charged the wall-bacon, and began devouring everything that even remotely smelled of bacon, including largish chunks of drywall. Oh, crap, I hope it wasn’t that Chinese drywall that has the chemicals that cause cancer…
By cascalonginess on November 11, 2010Tried this recipe last night. The bacon was great, but the paper towels tasted awful.
By LocalBoyMakesGoo on November 11, 2010
That’s not what “late night bacon” means in my house.
By Crazy Uncle Dan on November 09, 2010
Does anyone have a good recipe for Banana? I typically take one from the bunch, peel it, discard the peed and eat it. But I feel like I am missing something. Any recipe for Orange would be helpful too.
By runge2002_730663 on November 09, 2010
I don’t stay up very late. Can you post a recipe for early morning bacon? Also I’m new to the whole microwave thing. Do you have a recipe for microwave popcorn? The bag says to stop when the interval between pops is 2-3 seconds, but the pops always happen too fast for me to start counting.
By sammy_hagar_pork_n_b on November 10, 2010