6 Things You Absolutely Shouldn’t Buy Someone For Christmas

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If you operate in the same space and time continuum as the rest of us, you probably struggle with gift giving at Christmas. Christmas gifts are especially hard to pick out if you’re bad with budgets and no one ever tells you what they want. I’m here to help get that list narrowed down, because there are definitely a few things out there you shouldn’t buy someone for Christmas.

6 Things You Absolutely Shouldn’t Buy Someone For Christmas:

1. Gift Card
There’s absolutely no thoughtfulness involved in gifting someone a gift card. At least give them cash.

2. This Sculpture
It’s called the “Dance of the Heart” sculpture and it’d look terrible in any room of anyone’s house. That butt grab isn’t even subtle.

3. The Dragon Phone Holder
If someone you love needs a phone holder, they don’t need this one.

4. Body Shaper for Men
If you think you know a man that needs this– they don’t. If you know a man that has asked you to buy this for him– don’t.

5. Deluxe Leg Safe
Normally, it’s always a good idea to buy anything with the word “deluxe” in the title. Not this time though.

6. Unicorn Wall Sculpture
The only thing worse would be a taxidermied unicorn.