Bake & Listen: “9 to 5” Peanut Butter Brownies

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I recently had the opportunity to see the legend, Dolly Parton, live and in the flesh. Spoiler alert: she was amazing. She sang all the hits, and showcased her skills on tons of different instruments. The atmosphere was just right, i.e. a large casino on the Oklahoma-Texas border with a $30 buffet. YOLO, I GUESS! It was worth it for Dolly.

All of her songs are amazing, but I was really looking forward to hearing her sing “9-5.” (Also, I was really holding out for “Hard Candy Christmas,” but it just didn’t happen for me. I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed.) It was near the end of the show, and watching it, the lyrics really resonated with me. What a way to make a living.

These brownies are incredible, and actually the easiest thing I’ve made in a long time. The majority of your time is spent chopping the mini peanut butter cups and that’s it. Only three ingredients! It’s the perfect desert for Monday evening, when your job is threatening to kill you. Let’s do this.


1 store-bought brownie mix

2 heaping tbsp. of peanut butter

1 bag of mini peanut butter cups


Start by halving your mini peanut butter cups. Set aside in a small bowl. Mix up the premade mix with your eggs, oil, etc. When everything is mixed up, add in the halved pb cups in sections, coating them fully. Save a few for later to sprinkle on the top. Stick your peanut butter in a measuring cup and pop in the microwave for about 1 minute, stopping at 30 seconds and stirring. Pour over uncooked brownie batter and marble. You do this by taking the back of your spoon and pulling the peanut butter back and forth long-ways. (This is fancy!)

Sprinkle the top with the leftover peanut butter cups. Stick in the oven for the allotted time amount on the back of the box, or until you can stick a toothpick in the middle and it comes out clean. Let cool (this is important, the peanut butter has to set) and then slice into squares.

These are the perfect treat if you’ve had a rough ‘9 to 5’ or to take to your ‘9 to 5’! Enjoy!

Image Source: PR Photos / BigStock