7 Products Joanna Gaines Uses in Her Daily Beauty Routine

Joanna Gaines might be most well known for her design and home decorating skills, but we can’t and we shan’t overlook the fact that she’s also a gorgeous, glowing and powerful woman, inside and out. Joanna Gaines is naturally pretty and doesn’t wear a ton of makeup, but there are a few products she uses … Read more

Miranda Lambert Used a $2 Drugstore Product for Her ACM Red Carpet Look and We’re Here For It

There are so many things I love about award shows: The incredible performances, the suspense of finding out who will win big, the drama leading up to it all– what’s not to love? When it comes to country music awards, I can’t get enough of the red carpet looks because, in my humble opinion, the … Read more

Kim Kardashian Launched Makeup Collection KKW X Mario Yesterday—And It’s Going Fast

Kim Kardashian and Mario launch KKW X Mario collection

After 10 years of friendship and working together, Kim Kardashian West and Mario Dedivanovic have come together to create KKW X MARIO.  The collaboration can be found at kkwbeauty.com and consists of an eyeshadow pallete, lip glosses and lipstick. According to KKWbeauty instagram, the duo worked closely to create the first ever #KKWBEAUTY collaboration, which … Read more

Carly Pearce’s Hair Teasing Trick Will Give You Volume Like Never Before

Any good southern girl knows the old saying, the higher the hair, the closer to God– and Carly Pearce pretty much takes it to another level. In a recent video, Carly (who notoriously has a great head of hair) shared the hair secrets she learned while working at Dollywood, and all you need is your teasing comb … Read more

9 Pictures of Charcoal Hair That Will Make You Want To Give It a Try

charcoal hair pics

Hair trends are one of those things I have a hard time keeping up with. One minute, highlights are in and the next minute, everyone wants ombre. While I’m not one to have crazy hair colors, there are a few unique, fun shades (like rose gold) that I would definitely consider trying– my new favorite … Read more

9 Pictures of Rose Gold Hair That Might Make You Want To Try It On Yourself

Rose gold everything has been popping up pretty much everywhere lately, from jewelry to home decor and now, to hair color. Honestly I was a little unsure of the trend at first– as someone who used to dye her hair purple in high school, I can appreciate a fun hair color option, but once you … Read more

Carrie Underwood’s Hair-volution Proves That Glow Ups Are Real

Ever since she auditioned for American Idol in 2005, Carrie Underwood has been one of America’s favorite country artists– and it’s easy to see why! Her voice is incredible, she has the heart of an angel, and let’s face it– she’s got a great head of hair. We decided to go back through the time … Read more

Julianne Hough Just Made a Drastic Change to Her Signature Blonde Hair: “I’ve Never Felt More Like Me”

Most women make one or two drastic hair changes at some point in their lives– for me, it was a few poor haircut decisions in high school, but (hopefully) for most women, it’s a change that makes you feel more empowered and confident. Julianne Hough, who we know for her signature, gorgeous blonde hair, just … Read more