11 Mascara Tips and Tricks Every Girl Needs to Know

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Mascara is an important part of any girl’s beauty routine. Not only does it play its part in making those baby blues pop, but mascara transforms your entire face. I know this to be true because I’ve had on a full face of makeup but forgot mascara and had people ask me if I was sick! That made me realize there was one beauty product I wasn’t leaving my house without. Even if I don’t have time for any other makeup, I am putting mascara on.

One would think that because of its popularity, it would be super easy to find the perfect mascara and apply it properly. But it is actually kind of tricky. This prompted us to put together these simple tips and tricks to make your life easier.

11 Mascara Tips and Tricks Every Girl Needs to Know:

1. The wiggle is important.

While pulling the wand through your lashes, make sure you wiggle the wand so the lashes separate.

2. Before you purchase, decide what you need.

Do you want longer lashes or fuller lashes? Do you need waterproof or not? There are different formulations for each of these so you need to know what you want before you head to the makeup counter and get completely overwhelmed. P.S. There are mascaras that do more than one thing, so don’t feel you have to choose one!

3. Wands matter, too.

The shape of the wand tells you a lot about what a mascara can do. Fatter brushes will create fuller, voluptuous lashes while skinny ones will coat each lash perfectly without the clumps. Those fun curved wands were designed to help your lashes.

4. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get great lashes.

Fancier mascaras may go on a little easier, but at the end of the day, no one is going to be able to tell if you are wearing a drugstore or designer brand. Wear what works for you both for your lashes and your budget.

5. Don’t be afraid to mix mascaras.

You can get a lot of mileage by applying a coat of lengthening mascara and following it with thickening mascara.



6. NEVER try the mascara at a department store.

We know those cute little desposible wands are adorable, but you never who double-dipped and it’s just not worth the risk of an eye infection.

7. Use an eyelash primer.

If you want really full lashes that don’t stick together, an eyelash primer is a must. It may not be an every day thing for you because it is an extra step, but you could use it on special occasions.

8. Try colored mascaras.

Black pretty much works on everyone but can be harsh on blondes. A burgundy or plums really make green and blue eyes pop, while deep purples look great on brown-eyed girls.

9. Don’t be a pumper.

Pumping the wand in and out of the tube only pumps air in. This makes the mascara dry out more quickly than it should.

10. Don’t be afraid of an eyelash curler.

When you curl your lashes, you eyes will appear wider and brighter. Warm it slightly with a quick blast from your hairdryer and curl. Please make sure it isn’t too hot before curling.

11. Right angles make all the difference.

If you have trouble with keeping your hand steady, simply bend the end of the wand to a right angle and apply.

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