13 Things You Should Never Say to a Woman With Curly Hair

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Women with natural curls have a love/hate relationship with their tresses. Some days it is a blessing, most days, however, are a curse. There are things you should never, ever, ever (thanks, Taylor Swift.) say to a woman with curly hair when she experiencing one of “those days. ”

13 Things You Should Never Say to a Woman With Curly Hair: 

1. “Just brush it.”

Have you ever seen what happens to curly hair when it is brushed?

2. “I wish I had curly hair!”

Um, no. You don’t.

3. “Your hair looks great straight.”

No. Words.

4. “So, how did it get so curly?”


5. “It makes me crazy that it takes 15 minutes to dry my hair.”

Oh really? Try at least an hour. On a good day.

6. “Can I touch it?”

Ewww…no! And do you have any idea how long it took me to get it to look like this?

7. “Is it natural?”

Um, no. I spend several hours every day to make it look like this.

8. “Can you get it permanately straightened?”

Wait, seriously?

9. “I’m so jealous! You don’t have to do anything to your your hair.”

You have that a little confused with “I can’t do anything to my hair.”

10. “It’s so big!”

Sigh. I know.

11. “My hair gets so frizzy when it rains.”

Seriously? You have no idea.

12. “This hat would look so cute on you!”

Yeah, sure.

13. “Whoa, did you stick your finger in a electrical outlet?”

Yeah, because that would make my hair permanately curly.

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