Southern Girl’s Guide to Humidity Proofing Your Makeup

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As the temperatures heat up, it’s time for a girl to adjust her beauty routine, because dang it, it is hot outside! Not only is it hot, but the humidity has our makeup sliding off of our faces. But going without it just isn’t an option. You know living in the South means that every occasion can be seen as a social event when even a trip to the grocery store involves a bit of mascara and/or lipstick.

While being flawless in the heat is a hard task, someone’s got to do it. So before you throw in the proverbial towel, we want you to know that you can humidity-proof your beauty routine.

Here are a few tips to help keep your makeup in place even when it’s humid outside:

1. Lighten Up

When the humidity is at it’s highest, less is more when it comes to foundation. The more you have on, the more you have to maintain and set. Instead use more primer with less foundation and concealer.

If the thought of sheer coverage makes you break out in a cold sweat, use a transparent pressed powder to keep foundation in place. Note the key word, transparent. If you use a powder with color, you are adding a layer that may end up looking like a hot mess.

2. Invest in Blotting Papers

These babies will become your best friend during the summer. Keep them in your makeup drawer, purse and your car at all times. Sweat is unavoidable but shininess is controllable!

3. Primer

You already know you should wear a primer under your foundation, but don’t forget your eyes. Oily eyelids are a Slip ‘N Slide for eye shadows and liners. To get shadow to stay put, apply primer to lid, then apply powder shadow. Steer clear of the the cream shadows that just end up sliding off.

4. Eye Liner 

If you aren’t a fan of waterproof liners, you can do this trick to get yours to stay in place even if it’s 130 degrees. After applying liner, take a little bit of eye shadow on a sponge applicator and press the shadow into the liner to set it! It won’t budge.

5. Mascara

We aren’t fans of waterproof mascara because we can’t layer it. Additionally, it is so difficult to remove that a lot of girls end up pulling their lashes out trying to get it off! Instead, use a water-resistant version. It holds up better in humidity and gives you the dramatic lashes you want!

6. Lips

For a lip that will stay all day, use a waterproof lip pencil all over your lips. Then apply a layer of a moisturizing balm. Not gloss, a balm. This conditions lips and the color underneath won’t budge!

7. Spray and Set

Invest in a makeup setting spray for two reasons. One is the obvious, it helps keep your makeup in perfect condition. Reason number two is that it helps control chest sweat. We know, ewwww. But it happens and a quick spritz on your chest will help control it.

8. Blush

If you need it in the summer, use a cream blush. Just make sure you apply a hint of bronzing powder on top to make it look like you are glowing from within! The powder will set the cream allowing it to last all day!

Good luck out there ladies! It will cool off, eventually.