10 Pools We Wish We Could Dive Into This Summer

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There’s nothing more refreshing than taking a dip in a pool to take the edge off the scorching summer heat in the South. But why swim like a normal person when you can go all the way with these incredible twists on the traditional pool?

1. The Skyline Pool

There’s something magical about both a pool and a skyline at night. Why not combine the two?

2. The Rainbow Pool

Tile Mosaic is often overdone in pools. We’ve seen the fish, we’ve seen the blue tile designed to make the water look cleaner than it really is. Where’s the originality? Turns out, right here, in this rainbow mosaic swimming pool.

3. The Grecian Pool

Ancient Greece was not without its problems, but its architecture was not one of them. Swim in style with this leveled Grecian pool, complete with lounge area.

4. The Tropical Lagoon

Even dwellers of the tropic regions need a place to cool down, relax, and rest. This tropical infinity pool complete with waterfall, tropical foliage, and plush lounge chairs just might do the trick. Feeling like chatting by the fire with friends and a cocktail? This pool can do that too.

5. The Bar and Pool

Summer cocktails, beer, and grilled food are a natural pairing with a summer dip. But why leave the pool when you can eat, socialize, and drink from the comfort of the water? This pool with an elegant tile backsplash and a built-in kitchen does just that.

6. The Private Waterfall

You can hike for miles in the woods to find your own private paradise, or you can have a slice of paradise just outside your own home. This natural rock waterfall pool makes lounging with a good book near the tranquil sound of water a reality.

7. The (Nearly) Endless Pool

There are supposedly ‘endless’ pools, and then there are pools which truly seem endless. This is one of them. Perched atop a manmade bluff, this pool affords its lucky owner the ability to swim through the forest and back, all from the comfort of their (insanely expensive) home.

8. The Underground Lounge

Indoor pools always have a particular allure to them, maybe leftover from our caveman desire to feel sheltered. In any case, this sophisticated lounge pool meets our caveman expectations and much more. With the intricate tile mosaic decorating the pool floor, a plush lounge, and a cocktail bar built in, it’s sure to meet all of your entertainment needs.

9. The Swim-In Movie Theater

Why choose between an in-home movie theater and a pool when you can have both? Add a few lounge chairs and let the show begin.

10. The Pool to End All Pools

If none of these pools really caught your eye, check out the world’s largest pool, located right on the ocean. All the fun of the ocean without the sharks!

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