You Have to Hear Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush Try to Out Grandparent Each Other

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Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were together for the first time since they both became grandparents and forget social initiatives, foreign policy or taxes– these two just wanted to out grandparent the other. The two were together during a panel at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas, Texas as part of the graduation ceremony for 60 members of the 2017 Class of the Presidential Leadership Scholars (PLS) Program.

As you may or may not know, Clinton has become great friends with his predecessor, President George H.W. Bush, which has allowed him to be friendly with the younger Bush, as well.

The grandparent discussion started after Bush was asked about his parents and Clinton was asked about his wife Hillary Clinton.

Bush shared that his parents are doing very well and, “‘I’m really fortunate to be the only president with both parents alive after the presidency,” he said. “So every day is a blessing to have your mom and dad alive. They’re doing well, 93 and 92-years-old.”

Clinton then shared, “If you knew our grandkids, you know she’s good. She’s doing well, she’s working on her book and we spend every available hour with our grandchildren.”

That’s when the one-upping started.

Clinton: “My almost-three-year-old granddaughter sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to [her father Marc] at his party,.”

Bush: “Can your granddaughter sing ‘Happy Birthday’ in Mandarin? Mine can.”

Clinton: “No, but she can in Spanish.”

And obviously, this was the best picture from the day.