The Internet Demands Answers from Cracker Barrel after "Brad's Wife" Fired with No Explanation

The Internet Demands Answers from Cracker Barrel after “Brad’s Wife” Fired with No Explanation

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Bradley Reid Byrd of Milltown, Indiana, had a very bad day on February 27th when his wife, Nannette, lost her job of 11 years at the Cracker Barrel in Corydon, Indiana. “Brad” took to Facebook to blow off some steam and ask friends to join him in getting answers from the “low lifes at Cracker Barrel” because he wasn’t buying “their half assed excuse that she wasn’t working out.” Brad asked friends to, “please go to their Facebook page and ask them.” Brad got a little help from his friends and a bit more than he bargained for as Internet trolls across the country united in a social media storm, demanding justice for “Brad’s wife.”

As the social media uproar grew louder, the hashtags #notmycountrystore and #justiceforbradswife began blowing up on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Of course, the memes were not far behind.

And as you might expect Cracker Barrel’s Facebook page is an Internet troll’s playground. When Cracker Barrel posted a photo of their cast-iron pressed burgers on March 20th, Facebook user, Casey North, wrote, “You know who loved cast-iron skillets? BRAD’S WIFE. But now she has to use regular skillets because you fired her after 11 years of quality service #justiceforbradswife.” The comment has received over 9,000 likes and the entire thread includes another 5,000 comments demanding answers from Cracker Barrel.

As of today, Brad is still waiting for answers from Cracker Barrel’s corporate office, and so is the rest of the Internet world.