4 Steps To Having Fuller Brows Using Only A Brow Pencil

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A lot of us could use a bit of help in the brow department. Either we have too little altogether, or our brows grow in patchy, refusing to form a proper shape. Regardless of the problem you have, eyebrows can be fixed and molded to your liking with the right technique.

We partnered up with Stylist on Call in Nashville for a quick tutorial.

Check out the steps and the video guide below.

1. Start in the inner corner of the eye.

This is where you start the pencil. Make sure not to create brow where you naturally don’t have it.

2. Follow the natural shape of your brow, and outline.

It’s important to mimic natural hair growth. You want your strokes to look like little hairs, following the natural growth of your brows. If you’ve got a defined straight line, you’re doing it wrong.

3. Brush out the pencil.

Take a brush and smooth out your strokes, blending more or less depending on how dark you want your brows to be.

4. Using concealer or a highlighter pencil, blend beneath the brow for lift.

For that extra lift, take a highlighter and brush directly beneath the brow, using a brush or your fingers to blend. This also serves to separate your shadow from your brow, giving your face a natural lift.