The Hottest Christmas Toy Of 2017 Is As Weird As It Gets

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I’ve never understood how the Gift of the Season is chosen. Tickle-Me Elmo was not a great toy but people were literally punching strangers to get them. Does someone anoint the best toy or is it decided by the public? I don’t know, but I am very curious because this year’s “hottest toy” looks like a Teletubby-themed Furby and has a terrible name.

That’s right, Fingerlings are the toy that will make soccer moms lose their minds. It’s a plastic monkey that hangs out on your finger and…that’s it. That’s all it does.

But you will have to fight to find them.

Pray you don’t meet Vicky in a dark toy aisle.

Are they cute?


But that name. What a terrible name!

But watch out, people are counterfeiting the toy.

Yes, counterfeit finger monkeys.​ But, why?

You know what, I give up. I have no clue what is happening anymore.