41 Best Christmas Toys From the Past 50+ Years

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“The Night Before Christmas” was first published nearly two centuries ago in 1823. It shaped the conception of Santa Claus and set the tone for many Christmases to come. When you think about Christmas that way, you realize that the way we celebrate Christmas now isn’t all that different from the way our parents and even grandparents celebrated back when they were kids– the stockings, the decorations, the carols, and the brightly colored packages underneath the Christmas tree. It’s what’s in those packages that has changed throughout the years. And it has changed a lot. Check out this list to see some of the best and weirdest Christmas toys from the past 50 or years.

41 Best Christmas Toys From the Past 50+ Years:

Toys from the ’60s

1. Chatty Cathy

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This is just creepy! #chattycathydoll

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2. Easy Bake Oven

3. Original Ken Doll (Barbie came out in 1959)


4. Johnny Seven O.M.A. Gun

5. Wham-O Super Ball


6. Original Hot Wheels


Toys from the ’70s

1. Stretch Armstrong

2. Mood Rings

3. Pong (Home Version)


4. “Star Wars” Toys

5. Pet rock

6. Magna Doodle

7. Skateboard

Toys from the ’80s

1. Rubik’s Cube

2. Pound Puppies

3. Nintendo and Super Mario Brothers

4. Teddy Ruxpin

5. He-Man Action Figures


6. Cabbage Patch Dolls

7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

8. Care Bears

Toys from the ’90s

1. Super Soaker 50

2. Tamagotchi

3. Game Boy

4. Beanie Babies

5. Furby

6. Skip It

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7. Crossfire

8. Moon Shoes

9. Tickle Me Elmo

Toys from 2000 – 2010

1. Razor Scooter

2. Bratz Dolls


3. Xbox (2001) and Xbox 360 (2005)

4. Robosapiens

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5. Ipod Touch

6. Bionicles

7. Beyblades

8. PS4

9. One Direction Dolls

10. Pie Face


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