Someone Taught a Computer to Cook and Its Recipes Are Insanely Hilarious

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It seems that there is a growing fear of technology taking over our lives. As computers get smarter, we fear they will take our jobs, our habits of life, change our relationships and even may come to rule over us. Today, we see that fear is a long way off. Like, really far.

Tumblr user lewisandquark recently taught her computer how to develop recipes. She exposed a neural network to thousands of cookbook recipes for reference and then asked the computer to develop a few of its own. At first, she wanted to se what the computer thought were quintessential, basic recipes.

It replied:

Cream Cheese Soup
Cream Of Sour Cream Cheese Soup
Chocolate Cake (Chocolate Cake)
Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Chicken Chicken Cake
Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Chips
Chocolate Chips With Chocolate Chips

Okay. According to this computer, we love chocolate. No, we lurv chocolate. That and any other food that starts with “c.”

“Mmm, I’m hungry. Could you whip up some chocolate chips with chocolate chips? On second thought, how about a chocolate chicken chicken cake. We should have some left over in the fridge next to the cream of sour cream cheese soup.”

She then asked the computer to “get creative” with the recipes. I bet you can’t read its results out loud with a straight face.

Beef Soup With Swamp Peef And Cheese
Chocolate Chips and Chocolate Chips
Crimm Grunk Garlic Cleas
Beasy Mist
Export Bean Spoons In Pie-Shell, Top If Spoon and Whip The Mustard
Chocolate Pickle Sauce
Whole Chicken Cookies
Salmon Beef Style Chicken Bottom
Star *
Cover Meats
Out Of Meat
Completely Meat Circle
Completely Meat Chocolate Pie
Cabbage Pot Cookies
Artichoke Gelatin Dogs
Crockpot Cold Water

Give me a Complete Meat Circle and a bowl of Beasy Mist and I’ll be a happy man. And nothing beats a glass of Crockpot Cold Water after a long day of work.

The computer just started making it’s own step by step recipes, if you would like to eat one of it’s creative non-foods. They are easy, delicious, and your kids will love them.

Pears Or To Garnestmeam

  • meats
  • ¼ lb bones or fresh bread; optional
  • ½ cup flour
  • 1 teaspoon vinegar
  • ¼ teaspoon lime juice
  • 2 eggs

1. Brown salmon in oil. Add creamed meat and another deep mixture.

2. Discard filets. Discard head and turn into a nonstick spice. Pour 4 eggs onto clean a thin fat to sink halves.

3. Brush each with roast and refrigerate. Lay tart in deep baking dish in chipec sweet body; cut oof with crosswise and onions. Remove peas and place in a 4-dgg serving. Cover lightly with plastic wrap. Chill in refrigerator until casseroles are tender and ridges done. Serve immediately in sugar may be added 2 handles overginger or with boiling water until very cracker pudding is hot.

Observe, weak human, your computer overlord.