8 Common Wedding Hair Mistakes Brides Make

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While there are several things that keep the bride-to-be up at night, wedding day hair is definitely one of the bigger ones. Of all the things that could wrong, the last thing any bride wants is for her hair to look bad. After all, all eyes will literally be on her!

To help keep this wedding day disaster from happening, we asked 20-year veteran stylist and Toni and Guy Ambassador, Aimee Porter, what common mistakes brides most often make when it comes to their wedding day hair

8 Common Wedding Hair Mistakes Brides Make:

1. They don’t wash and dry hair before their styling appointment. 

Stylist schedule a set amount of time for a style. If a bride doesn’t wash and dry her hair prior to her appointment, the stylist will have to do it. This means less time styling and more time prepping.

2. They bring too many inspiration photos.

By narrowing down to just 3 – 5 inspirational photos, the stylist will have a good idea of what the bride’s style is while still leaving a little room for creativity.

3. They forget to schedule a trial run.

This is a must! A bride simply cannot show up on her wedding day and hope for the best. You can bet Carrie Underwood had a trial run prior to her wedding day.

4. They choose a hairstyle that won’t work well with their hair. 

Just because a bride loves Faith Hill’s red carpet do, does not mean it will work on her hair. If the bride is unsure what will work, she should schedule a consultation with the stylist to discuss her options.

5. They flat iron their hair prior to their styling appointment. 

The worst possible thing a bride can do is flat iron her hair before the stylist has a chance to work with it. It will be nearly impossible to curl or pin perfectly.

6. They deep condition their locks the night before the wedding.

This could make a bride’s hair so conditioned that the bobby pins slip out and not hold the style well.

7. They don’t bring their accessories to their trial appointment.

If a bride is planning to wear a veil or other accessories in her hair, she needs to take them to her trial run; otherwise the appointment ends up being a complete waste of time.

8. They don’t think about the style of the wedding. 

If a bride is having an outdoor, casual wedding, her hair needs to match. On the other hand, if the wedding is very formal, loose, beachy waves may not be the best option.

Even if a bride is doing her own hair, these tips will be helpful in making sure she has the best hair she can on her wedding day.

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