Skip The Canned Gelatin And Make Homemade Cranberry Sauce This Year

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Thanksgiving dinner is on the table, with everything from homemade green bean casserole, to a roasted turkey and grandma’s freshly baked rolls. Smiles decorate the seats, and laughter fills the air. Everything is right with the world, until you hear the icy sound of a can opener piercing a cold, lifeless can of cranberry sauce.

The hair stands up on the back of your neck as your mother-in-law shakes the can over a plate to dislodge the gelatinous mass, smiling like she’s done something good for the dinner table. But as you stare at the cylindrical symbol of all that is wrong in the universe, you find yourself cursing for not making real cranberry sauce. Next year, you promise. Next year will end the tyrannical reign of canned cranberry sauce for good.

Skip the drama this year and whip up this easy and classic Thanksgiving dish so often overlooked by the masses. It’s simple, and it tastes worlds better than the cranberry sauce we’ve all come to hate. Check it out and never suffer through that age old scenario again.