Dating? 11 Types of Guys You Should Avoid

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He’s cute, funny, smart and you can’t stop thinking about him. You’ve been in planning mode for weeks. You know, mentally planning the wedding, the children and the perfect house? Finally, the perfect relationship has been found. Or has it?

11 Types of Guys You Should Avoid:

1. Mr. Insecurity

He may be nice and cute, but his lack of confidence is a serious drawback. They typically have trouble committing and can be jealous if their significant is successful. Best to steer clear.

2. Mr. Set-In-His-ways

Trust us, this will only get worse with time. Besides, who wants to date someone who refuses to step outside the box and live a little? Boring.

3. The Tightwad

Again, this gets worse. If you just want to be disappointed every holiday, birthday or anniversary…go for it!

4. The Narcissist

While he is the opposite of Mr. Insecurity, he has confidence overload. Probably too much to stay in one relationship. These guys are self-absorbed and tend to make decisions that benefit themselves. P.S. He probably spend too much time at the gym anyway.

5. Sports Overload Guy

Granted, there is nothing wrong with catching a game or two, most guys (and girls!) do. But when a guy is laying on the couch with ESPN’s Sports Center on 24/7 and is shirking his responsibilities? It’s a problem.



6. The Lazy Guy

Why are women attracted to these guys? They have no goals or ambition and they just wait for things to happen to him. If they don’t, it’s not a problem because they are living at mom’s house, rent free.

7. The Ladies Man

He’s so charming. But he loves to surround himself with the ladies and he flirts. A lot. These guys typically are not programmed for long-term relationships. Fun to date, but that’s about it.

8. The Mooch

If he asking you to help with his bills early in the relationship, stop. He’s using you. Probably because his parents cut him off.

9. The Mama’s Boy

Not to be confused with the man who loves his mama, this guy can’t make a decision without his mother. Um, no. Also, he probably tells his mom way too much. Which would make for awkward holidays.

10. The Married Guy

Yes, we had to put him on this list. For all the obvious reasons, this man is a huge no-no.

11. Mr. Controlling

This guy has to know where “his woman” is every second of every day and approve who she is hanging out with. He wants to control what you wear, what you eat and who you are friends with. Run, don’t walk out of this man’s life.

12. Mr. Self-Important

This guy is always on his cell phone or laptop. He is constantly in “meetings.” He shows up late or leaves early because he “has to go take care of something.” As if those things aren’t obnoxious enough, he feels the need to tell people how important he is. He will have little time for you and you will be frustrated.

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