These Women Did a Disney Princess Maternity Shoot and the Result Was Magical


Over the last few years, we’ve seen some incredibly creative (and some plain strange) photoshoots for big occasions– from senior pictures at McDonald’s to unbelievable engagement pictures in front a frozen waterfall. Now, there’s been a Disney Princess maternity shoot, and it’s a Disney dream come true.

According to Popsugar, husband and wife Vic and Marie became newborn and maternity photographers after finding out they couldn’t have kids of their own. After suffering a miscarriage, the two decided to do something creative and, inspired by the hype of “Beauty and the Beast,” they put together a Disney Princess photoshoot with five moms-to-be, and the pictures are gorgeous.

Marie and Vic took the moms-to-be to Newman’s Castle in Texas to take the photos and to give it a genuine princess feel– and it definitely worked.

Vic and Marie Photography

“We wanted to go outside of that box, something no one had tried to do as of yet, and then it hit me, why not do all of the princesses in a group shot, expecting sweet little babies, and showing off their beautiful bump in a creative way,” Marie told Popsugar.

Vic and Marie Photography

“It was a fun project for me being a huge fan of classic stories and movies I grew up to and it was a fun project for Vic because it allowed him to do something he normally doesn’t get the chance to do often.”

Vic and Marie Photography

“We hope that expecting mamas that see these sweet photos of mommies in a completely different way than what is normally photographed and will give them the inspiration to want to hire a photographer to take some beautiful maternity photos,” she shared.

Vic and Marie Photography

“It’s such a sweet and beautiful moment in your life, a moment that not many can experience, and a moment that should be celebrated!”

Vic and Marie Photography

We think they accomplished the job! The women are glowing and they’ll be able to look back at these pictures for years to come.

You can view more of the photos from Vic and Marie’s Disney Princess shoot here.

Vic and Marie Photography

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