DIY 3-Ingredient Hair Detangler Spray

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Attempting to brush out tangled hair is one of the worst parts of being a girl (or a long-haired guy). I can remember as a child, shedding countless tears over tangled hair. My mom would do her best to brush my hair out gently, but my hair and my head just weren’t having it.

Basically, every hair brushing endeavor ended in a fight.

So, praise the Lord for detangler — am I right? I can’t even count how many bottles of that stuff I’ve gone through in my life time. And now, with this incredibly easy 3-ingredient detangler spray, you can save money and your scalp from hating you.

Watch the video for full list of ingredients.

DIY Three-Ingredient Detangler

Posted by Top Knot on Thursday, January 14, 2016

Image Source: BigStock