DIY: Creative Mason Jar Gift Ideas

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There are always a few people on your Christmas list that you prefer giving something thoughtful and handmade rather than a gift card to a fast food restaurant. But coming up with creative gifts year-after-year can be difficult.

We were super excited to find these adorable and creative mason jar gifts on Not only are these cute, but they are simple and don’t require any special crafting skills. (which is always a bonus for us!)

Take a look at what she came up with:

1. Elf

Perfect for someone who loves the movie, “Elf,” as much as we do!

Source: Polka Dot Chair

2. Santa

How cute is this? If the person on your list isn’t a fan of red licorice, any red candy will do!

Source: Polka Dot Chair

3. Snowman

How simple is this? And it’s cute.

Source: Polka Dot Chair

4. Reindeer

The antlers make this gift! Well, and the chocolate.

Source: Polka Dot Chair

5. Sewing Kit

This is super handy and super cute! Those pins, y’all.

Source: Polka Dot Chair

6. S’mores

This is a fun gift for the neighbors.

Source: Polka Dot Chair

7. Cookies in a Mason Jar

You know how we feel about cookies and mason jars. May as well put the two together!

Source: Polka Dot Chair

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