Dog Posing As A Baby Sneaks Into The Hospital To visit Her Sick Owner

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When her sick Grandmother said she wanted to see her dog, granddaughter Shelby Hennick decided to make her grandmother’s wish come true.

Hennick swaddled the pup up like a baby and pretended to bring her “daughter” to visit Grandmom.

It is an incredibly sweet moment that probably did wonders for Hennick’s grandmother. Hospitals can be difficult places. A little love was probably overdue.

For obvious hygienic reasons, you can’t just bring a dog into the hospital. But hospitals regularly allow therapy and service dogs in to serve patients.

Apparently, smuggling dogs is not an unusual practice.

We cannot endorse the practice; dogs can actually do a lot of harm in a hospital and could potentially bring in all sorts of pathogens. But it is incredibly sweet. We suggest talking to your nurse or doctor before doing anything that could hurt your loved one.