Eat and Listen: Keith Urban

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Fuse by Keith Urban is one of my favorite albums at the current moment. Keith is always reliable when it comes to putting out new music. Everything he does is fresh, but still has a hint of his amazing musical style. I’ve tried to convey that in this round of Eat and Listen. Recipes that are reliable but still have a fresh element to them. I wonder if people eat buffalo chicken in Australia? Or if they throw it on the Barbie? Anyway I hope you enjoy these recipes and Keith Urban’s album, Fuse.

Stars Fall Lemon Ginger & Whiskey Cocktail

“Even the stars fall for you…”


2 oz whiskey (your choice)

2 oz ginger ale

juice of half a lemon


Pour whiskey over ice, and mix with the fresh lemon juice. Pour ginger ale over your whiskey and lemon mix and give it a stir. Enjoy!

Cop Car Caprese Kabobs

“You were thinking that running for it would make a good story…”


10 cherry tomatoes

Fresh mozzarella pearls

Olive oil

Cracked salt and pepper

Fresh basil



Start by slicing the cherry tomatoes in half. In a bowl, combine tomato slices, basil leaves, and a dash of olive oil and salt and pepper.

Mix together, then set aside. Separate the fresh mozzarella pearls and on a kabob, layer a basil leaf, marinated tomato and piece of cheese.

Red Camaro Cowgirl Buffalo Chicken Salad

“Some things never go out of style…”


1 cup cooked and shredded chicken breast

Buffalo sauce

fresh greens

½ cucumber, sliced

marinated tomatoes (see above)

¼ cup blue cheese

Fried onion strings

Ranch dressing


In a skillet, toss together the cooked chicken and buffalo sauce over medium heat. Season to your liking with salt and pepper (and I really love Lawry’s Season Salt). Set aside. Now assemble the salad. Layer fresh greens, marinated tomatoes, sliced cucumber and sprinkle with blue cheese and fried onion strings (the crispy onion strings make this salad) after chicken has cooled, put on top of your salad. Dress with ranch or blue cheese dressing.

Image sources: CMA, BigStock