25 Fall Activities You and Your Family Should Get After

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The leaves are about to start changing, the days will get shorter, and mornings will grow chillier and crisp as summer fades away. Many people will argue that Fall is the best season of the year. So consider this your bucket list for the season.

25 Fall Activities You and Your Family Should Get After:

1. Get Lost in a Corn Maze
The more challenging the course, the better.

2. Pick Out the Largest Pumpkin at the Pumpkin Patch
And proudly display it on your porch.

3. Carve a Pumpkin
The more unique the design, the better. Be sure to keep the seeds so you can roast them.

4. Go Apple Picking
There’s nothing like the fresh taste of fruit picked right from an apple tree.

5. Master Baking an Apple Pie
Let this be the year you finally master the lattice top.

6. Host a Bonfire
Shorter days and cooler weather make perfect ingredients for a bonfire. Grill out, make a tub of hot apple cider, and don’t forget the s’mores.

7. Go on a Hayride
Simply throw a few bales of hay into a vehicle of choice —horse and buggy or a pickup truck— and go for a ride.

8. Go for a Scenic Drive
Early to mid-fall is one of the prettiest times of the year, as the trees still have most of their leaves which have turned vibrant with the coming cold. Take a drive down a winding country road and enjoy the scenery.

9. Go for a Hike
Take in the clean, crisp autumn air. Enjoy the sound of leaves crinkling and crackling underneath your shoes.

10. Go to the State Fair
Animals, carnival rides, concerts, and fried anything. What more could you ask for?

11. Go Camping
Combine your hiking with a camping trip, or just camp out in the backyard.

12. Take a Hot-Air Balloon Ride
And enjoy the splendor of the changing seasons.

13. Rake (Someone Else’s) Leaves
It’s doesn’t have to be all hard work either. After you finish, when you have a giant pile, take a few steps back, run, and jump in.

14. Go Antiquing
Let the fall weather be your inspiration for choosing irreplaceable at the local antiques shop.

15. Attend a Fall Festival
Preferably one that celebrates the season.

16. Host a Halloween Party
Make wearing a costume a requirement to attend.

17. Go to a Haunted House
Which is a Halloween must.

18. Attend a High School Football Game
Root for your high school team each Friday.

19. Tailgate at a Football Game at your favorite University
And if you can’t make it to your favorite tailgate …

20. Watch Some Football
Spend a Saturday (or Sunday) afternoon doing nothing but watching football and eating chili.

21. Head to the Mountains
It doesn’t get cozier than a log cabin in the mountains.

22. Infuse Your Favorite Whiskey with Pumpkin Spice or Apple Pie
Drink apple pie or pumpkin spice in liquid form and warm your soul.

23. Attend a Barn Dance
Whether it’s contra dancing or square dancing, hoedowns are a great way to spend fall evenings and nights.

24. Make a Classic Thanksgiving Meal
Turkey with all the trimmings.

25. Volunteer on Thanksgiving
Help serve meals to those in need.