13 Shoe Trends We Are Glad Disappeared

While we are all most likely guilty of wearing at least one of the shoe trends; we are pretty sure we can all agree we were glad to see them go! They served their purpose for a time and thoroughly enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame, but their disappearance was a favor to fashion.

Here are 13 Shoe Trends We Are Glad Disappeared

1. Kitten heel flip-flop. What is the purpose?

2. The Platform Slide. What were we thinking?

3. Mesh Flat Slides. The more colors you had, the cooler you were!

4. Heelys. Because who doesn’t want to spontaneously break out into roller skating?

5. Airwalk Tennis Shoes. That are literally tennis shoes.

6. Nike Stilettos. No words. P.S. We did NOT wear these. Ever.

7. Giant Floral Clogs. Came a real wood heel and weighed 20 pounds each.

8. Timberland Stiletto. Just because J-Lo and Beyonce wore them, doesn’t make them any less awful.

9. Clunky Mary Janes. Or at least we think that’s what these are called?

10. Birkenstock Clog. We get comfort, but comfy can be cute too!

11. Foam Wedge. When you can use your shoe as a life preserver, it’s a don’t.

12. Clunky Loafer. Frankenstein called, he wants his shoes back.

13. Moon Boots. Footwear of choice for Napoleon Dynamite.

Photo Credit: Tumblr, Big Stock