25 Ways to Wear a Scarf That You Never Thought Were Possible

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The trees are changing colors and the air is getting cooler, which means it’s time to break out the boots, sweaters, cardigans and scarves! (Can I get a hallelujah!?)

When it comes to scarf wearing, I usually keep it pretty simple–that was until I saw this video. As it turns out, there are so many ways you can wear a scarf beyond just the traditional drape-over-the-neck style, and I can’t wait to try them all!

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf That You Never Thought Were Possible:

  1. The Modern One Loop
  2. The Classic Drape
  3. The Bunny Ear
  4. The Double Rainbow
  5. The Turtleneck
  6. The Infinity
  7. The Toss
  8. The European Loop
  9. The Basic Loop
  10. The Wrap
  11. The Mira
  12. The Celebrity
  13. The Waterfall
  14. The Boa
  15. The Magic Trick
  16. The Fake Knot
  17. The X
  18. The Key Tie
  19. The Braid
  20. The Twist and Pull
  21. The Hidden Knot
  22. The Men’s Tie
  23. The DIY Infinity
  24. The Decoration
  25. The Shell Roll