4 Tips Every Short Girl Needs Before Buying Boots

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Short girls usually find it challenging to find the right boots for their height and frame. And while they may love the look of a boot that hits mid-calf, there is no way it will flatter those no-so-lengthy legs. What exactly does one need to keep in mind when searching for a fall boot? Let us help!

4 Tips Every Short Girl Needs Before Buying Boots:

1. Heels are your best friend.

Any height heel is going to help a short girl out. It will lengthen the leg, helping it appear longer than it is.

2. A pointed toe is a great option.

Everyone knows you can’t wear a heeled boot every day, but a pair of flat, pointy boots will do the same trick! Pointed toes lengthen the leg line which makes you appear taller than you are.

3. If you go with a flat boot, choose one with minimal hardware.

The hardware breaks up the long, lean lines.

4. Don’t let a boot hit you mid-calf.

Mentioned earlier, a boot that hits mid-calf visually chops your leg in half making it look shorter. Opt instead for a cute ankle boot or boot that hits just below the knee.

Image Source: Country Outfitter