5 Simple Rules For Finding The Best Sweater Style For Your Body Type

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Cozy sweaters are the ultimate throw-on-and-head-out-the-door layer, but to ensure that you look the very best you can, we put together these tips to help you determine which sweater styles best suit your body type. Don’t think we are knit-picking, (Ha! See what we did there?) we are simply helping you find the sweater that flatters your frame.

There is no need to be intimidated, being armed with these simple tips will really help you out.

5 Simple Rules For Finding the Best Sweater Style For Your Body Type:

1. Pay attention the length.

If your sweater ends right above your hips, it can add thickness. Go for longer cuts that fall mid-hip or even below your hips, to help elongate your frame.

 2. Larger necklines are most flattering on pear-shaped frames.

Think deep v-necks, large cowl necks or boat necklines. The boat neck creates a horizontal line that helps narrow shoulders appear more broad while balancing wider hips.

3. Belted cardigans were made for apple-shaped women.

We love belted cardigans for the apple-shaped frame because you can belt it to add curves and give yourself a “waistline.” Or, you can leave it open which creates a slimming vertical line. You can’t lose.

4. Turtlenecks are perfect for a tall frame.

Tall girls have the length, they need to play it up.

5. Ponchos work for everyone. 

With their free-flowing style, ponchos have a dramatic flair that suits most body types perfectly! If you are a pear shape, choose larger necklines. Apple-shaped? Go with a belted poncho.

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Image Source: Country Outfitter