5 Ways to Nail the Boots With Dresses Trend

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Wearing boots with dresses is the hottest trend in fashion right now. And while this trend may have been started on high fashion runways, it has taken country girl fashion by storm. In fact, pairing boots with dresses is one of our favorite looks because you can’t really mess it up. And who doesn’t want fashion you can’t mess up?

One advantage of this trend is that it doesn’t matter what type of boot you choose. You can wear a tall boot, a short boot or even a cowboy boot (our personal favorite) for this look. Simply pull out your tights or leggings and rock the boots and dresses trend through the fall and winter.

5 Ways to Nail the Boots With Dresses Trend: 

1. Watch the length of your hemline.

You want to see a few inches of your legs between the hem of your dress and the top of your boot. This is more flattering and sophisticated.

Even with a cute boot sock peeking out of the top, she has plenty of space between the top of her Justin boot and the hem of her dress.

2. Make sure your boot style and your dress style match. 

This is pretty much a no-brainer, but you don’t want to wear that edgy moto boot with a formal dress.

3. Remember that a little color goes a long way.

If you wear a statement boot in a bold color, keep your dress or skirt toned down. Let those boots be the star of your outfit. This turquoise boot by Justin is sure to be a show-stopper!


4. Bare legs or tights? 

This question is nothing more than personal preference and good old common sense. If the weather permits, a bare leg is perfect. But if it’s chilly, a tight may be your best option.

This neutral Justin boot looks great with a bare leg, but she could easily add tights if it is too cold.


5. Wearing boots with dresses is more versatile that you think.

You can make this look as casual or as dressy as you want. We love that you can wear the look from a day at work straight to an evening out on the town.

Boots with dresses is one of the hottest trends in fashion. Find the perfect pair of Justin boots to wear with your skirts and dresses this fall.

Image Source: Country Outfitter