6 Tank Tops Every Southern Girl Needs to Own

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Is there anything better than wearing a tank top on a steamy Southern day? We don’t think so either. In fact, we believe there are at least six tank tops every Southern girl needs to own.

The deer tank. If you are from the South, you know how important deer are to our heritage. We love deer down here and we love how cute this tank is!

The patriotic tank. Southern girls are some of the most patriotic girls around. This flag tank is a necessity to rock not just on the Fourth of July, but all summer long!

The rebel tank. Come on, admit it. There is a little rebel in all of us!

Country tank. Southern girls take great pride in the fact that they are also country girls. Show the world with this fun tank. Trust us, deep down inside everyone else is just jealous!

The girly tank. We may have a bit of wild to us, but we also have a softer, feminine side. This tank is perfect for those days you are feeling more girly than wild.

The conversational tank. We say conversational because everyone will want to talk about this! From those not-so-fortunate-because-they-are-not-from-the-South to Southerners who realize this is not the way you spell Y’ALL, this tank will initiate conversation! And it is cute.